In order to explain greek life and involvement more thoroughly, we have decided to create a space just for you that gives you plenty of information on what you need to know about your child going greek.

According to how the media portrays fraternities and sororities, going greek can be quite a bit of a concern for you. We are here to reassure you all the positive results and reasons why going greek is beneficial and is not at all about partying and drinking. 


Every chapter that is active on UCR's campus has a main philanthropy that they support, ranging from all types of different causes. Each year, let alone quarter, chapters are constantly hosting competitions and hosting fundraisers to collect money to donate to the cause of their choice. Over thousands of dollers has been raised, sometimes by one chapter alone in a single quarter.

Joining a fraternity would humble them in a sense by doing good for others without expecting anything in return. It would expose them of other critical issues in the world, and remind them that sometimes eeryone could use a little extra help.


Each chapter also has a very strict rule of GPA requirements that must be met by the student wishing to join a fraternity. The GPA must be current, and usually transcripts are requested to be evaluated. Education is taken seriously, and most chapters have programs implemented that ensure members are getting the appropriate amount of study hours in per week in order to attend socials and other extra curricular activities.

Chapters even include study group sessions, workshops that members can attend, and career planning seminars that they can attend to help them better their future in whatever career choice they choose.


It is not a secret that being in a fraternity or sorority helps with not only employment, but career development. Chapters often have leadership retreats that members can attend that will help them develop essential tools needed in the work force, giving them an advantage from the other person who wants the job. Visiting lecturers, returning alumni, and regional advisors will even come out to speak and visit with the chapter to make sure they are doing and performing well.


Being involved with greek life will teach your son or daughter crucial social skills that they will need to communicate with people ranging from all types of cultures and walks of life. By graduation, any member will know how to communicate and asses a conversation with any type of person, whether it be an introvert, an extrovert, a politician, a celebrity, or just a person they have never met before.

They will also build a brotherhood bond that will last them a lifetime. Any member initiated can guarantee finding another brother of theirs outside the state, let alone the country. The connections and friendship bonds are endless - giving your child the opportunity to experience this and build bonds they might not have had in high school or want in college is crucial.