Recruitment may sound scary, but it's actually really simple. In hopes of getting potential members interested, we have compiled a complete guide on how recruitment works here at UCR. 



Usually the week or weekend before Recruitment week, potential new members must attend an info night hosted by IFC that goes over the fraternities currently active on campus at UCR. Each fraternity is allowed to make a presentation and show face and representation of their fraternity. Usually during this time, fraternities will pass out rush cards that will have a week agenda of events planned that potential new members can attend to learn more about a fraternity.


During a point of Info Night, rotations occur, which simply means that groups of potential members are rotated amongst all fraternities during timed intervals. This allows personal mingling time within a selected amount of people, thus giving potential new members enough time to determine which fraternity best fits them. 


After Info Night, each fraternity has a week of Recruitment event days planned. Each day is a new event - for example, one day might be "Taco Night," or the other "Game Night." Having special events planned for the week like this allows the potential new members to get close with the fraternity of their choice and see how they act in social settings.

Usually during the last one or two events of the week, fraternities make their events "Invite Only" and invite back the members they felt the closest connection with during the entire week. 

During the last day of recruitment, which usually falls on a Friday, anyone who is offered a "bid" or acceptance into a fraternity has to pick up their bid at the FSIC office and then meet with their fraternity for initiation..

Recruitment is an easy, fun way to allow people a way to connect and immerse themselves into the social scene at UCR in a safe and productive way.